Calendar 2016

At last our beautiful calendars have arrived from the printers in time to send off to family and friends for Christmas – and to keep for ourselves ofcourse.  The prelimary designs were done by Ann Revell and Lucy Weaver and after much hard work, each month’s page suggested it’s own watercolour illustration.  Jaki Crossland and Margaret O’Mahony enjoyed very much doing this part of the calendar.

Cancer Service 11th October

Today’s service was dedicated to all those who have been touched by cancer in all its forms; loss of loved ones, those suffering and those who have survived.  Ann Revell is one of the latter and she gave a beautiful recollection of her journey through cancer to her survival today.  Ann has devoted much of her time and energy to helping like people over the past years.  During the service the congregation was invited to place a ribbon, with names of loved ones written on it, on the tree in front of the altar.  The choir sang You Raise Me Up during this interlude.  Altogether it was a colourful and joyful service, followed by a special morning tea in the Parish Centre.