Sunday 29 June at The Church of the Epiphany Mundaring was the first of several events celebrating its centenary year.  This first event commemorated the laying of the foundation stone on 27 June 1914.  The church was filled with regular worshipers and invited guests.  It was a memorable service of music and words, followed by an enjoyable cooked lunch in the Parish gardens.  A choice of roast meats and vegetables to suit every taste, followed by old fashioned favourite puddings.  If the weather was a little chilly, it was made up for by lively company and a glass or two of good wine.  A display of scrapbooking showing the evolving of the church over the years and a selection of commemorative merchandise for sale was set up in the Parish Centre.

what to choose?
Ann cuts celebration cake
Meeting old friends

Recent events

Glimpses of recent events, including Pentecost Sunday

John & Jaki birthday celebration
Parish group photo


Pentecost, a time in the church’s calendar which comes 50 days after our celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday.  A time when the Apostles and Disciples waited in Jerusalem for the promises of Jesus to be fulfilled.  This came in the form of a rushing wind, tongues of fire and they were filled with the breath of the Holy spirit.  Our church was certainly filled with the Holy Spirit, shown in the sanctuary by a mass of colour, red, yellow and gold, flowing across and from the altar, and the floral arrangements echoed the theme.  Most of the congregation sported one or all of the colours of fire.